How to Live with Your Dog: An Owner’s Manual

| Feb 9, 2022

Speak the Language

As the more evolved species focus on learning Fluffy’s simple language, instead of expecting her to learn your complex one.

Be Predictable

Predictability and consistency in your expectations reduce anxiety and strengthen your relationship. If your dog knows you’ll advocate for her and hold her accountable in every situation, she will naturally turn to you for guidance rather than acting on primal impulses.

Mindset Over Obedience

Your dog’s mindset will determine his behaviour, so focus on that over everything else! Calm/neutral is the goal.

Function Over Fancy

Unless you’re training for an obedience trial, don’t worry about how fancy it looks. Focus on how it functions in your unique living space and lifestyle.

Your Dog, Your Rules

People’s opinions about your training choices are none of your business. Pay no attention.

Ready to live in harmony with your dog?

We know that the real shift happens at home between you and your dog, not us and your dog. If you’re ready to prioritize your happiness, let’s work together!

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