We're here to help pet dogs and their owners learn how to live in harmony and enjoy the relationship they’ve always dreamed of.

It doesn’t matter if we can turn your dog into Lassie if you can’t get him to sit without getting a medium-rare tenderloin in return.

If you want the results your trainer gets, you need to do the things your trainer does so that the new behaviours transfer seamlessly to your relationship long-term.

We are 100% invested in your success as long as you are. We know that the real shift happens at home between you and your dog, not us and your dog.

So, if you’re ready to prioritize your happiness, let's make a way out of "no way" and dive into this transformation together!


"Angie's balanced style of dog training was something that finally worked. Meeting and working with her made it so we could finally enjoy our dog instead of stress. She’s impacted our lives so much that we’ve decided to adopt another dog and are working with her again."

- April & Amanda, Victoria BC

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Hey, I'm Angie!

I’ve been training dogs since 2005 and have been lucky to follow my passion all over the globe!

My philosophy in dog training, and life in general, is to mimic nature. There is a natural intelligence driving every single life form from the tiniest bacteria to the most massive mammals.

This innate intelligence is forever seeking balance and when we get out of its way, it will always reach its fullest expression and its default state of peaceful equilibrium. When in doubt, I always ask: what would nature do?

In 2009, I had one semester left of my BSc. and dropped out on an offer to move to the Middle East to train police dogs. I never went back to finish my degree - no regrets!

Before I found dog training, I was absolutely terrified of people. Connecting with people through their dogs was a huge step in healing my trauma-based anxiety.

I’ve been training dogs since 2005 and have been lucky to follow my passion all over the globe! I love extreme temperatures: from the Arabian desert to the Arctic Circle.


How to Live With Your Dog

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