Ready to create harmony in your relationship with your dog?

Learning how to live with your dog starts with you.

This e-book was created for struggling pet owners, like yourself, to help you learn how to live with your dog and create a harmonious relationship where you can both experience life to its fullest.

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"Angie's balanced style of dog training was something that finally worked. Meeting and working with her made it so we could finally enjoy our dog instead of stress. She’s impacted our lives so much that we’ve decided to adopt another dog and are working with her again."

- April & Amanda

This is the training before the training.

It's not a start to finish obedience manual - we will discuss training concepts and tools, but my
goal is to help humans learn how to live in harmony with their dogs in their homes and cities regardless of what method or tools they choose. Our dogs aren’t necessarily able to take in training concepts until we have our sometimes dysfunctional relationships and dysregulated nervous systems sorted out. These are the areas this book will focus on.


"I was the owner who always had a pocket full of warm roast beef just praying she’d come back when I called! Now I feel in control no matter what the world throws at us. I know that she’s actually looking to me, not just looking for the roast beef in my pocket. Game changer!”

- Vanessa, Victoria BC

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Learn how to...

Create structure with your dog in your day-to-day life.

Get your dog to not only love you, but also trust your leadership.

Regulate your dog's nervous system in an urban environment.

Create a simple, common language between you and your dog.

Ready to create harmony in your relationship with your dog?