Group of dogs sitting in the forest during a pack hike

Got a social dog who needs to be exercised? Pack hikes are for you.

Pack hikes offer safe socialization and a great workout for friendly dogs. Our packs are small and structured so your pup learns to prioritize the leadership of a human - even while taking in all the exciting scents of the forest!

How do pack hikes work?

1-2 hour off-leash adventure

Your dog will experience a 1-2 hour off-leash forest adventure with our pack leader, Taylor!

Pickup & Drop-off in Westshore Included

Pack hikes include pickup and drop-off Monday to Friday from your Westshore home or office.

Behaviour & Mindset Focused

If your dog has completed a training program with us, you can be sure their skills will stay sharp on the trails!

PRICING: $35/dog or $50/two dogs from the same home

Pack Hikes Registration & Agreement

Apologies, we are not currently taking new Pack Hike Registrations!


"Angie's balanced style of dog training was something that finally worked. Meeting and working with her made it so we could finally enjoy our dog instead of stress. She’s impacted our lives so much that we’ve decided to adopt another dog and are working with her again."

- April & Amanda, Victoria BC