6 Surprising Benefits of Passive Work

| Feb 9, 2022

Often owners are focused on keeping the body and mind occupied to keep the dog out of trouble until they fall asleep, but what’s really happening is they’re creating a restless mind and body that they’ll eventually not be able to keep up with anymore.

Here are 6 surprising benefits of passive work like place, a slow-paced heel, and down stays.

1. Nervous system regulation

The primal nervous system doesn’t have an off switch when there’s activity in the environment, so we have to build it in to show the dog how to cope in a healthy way with our overstimulating human environments. We do this by asking them to passively observe activity around them instead of introducing MORE activity to distract them.

2. Functional in the home

A dog on place is a dog who’s not tripping you down a flight of stairs, begging for food while you cook, or sabotaging your date by being completely obnoxious at the front door.

3. Confidence building

When our dogs realize they can sit back and relax instead of asserting control over every little detail of the day, they become more comfortable and confident in their own body and mind.

4. Strengthens the dog/human relationship

A dog’s love language is leadership. When your dog gets the chance to observe you taking control of most situations throughout the day without trying to compete with you, they feel nurtured by you and the relationship deepens in every way.

5. Saves marriages

I mean. IYKYK, and please share in the comments 😅

6. More freedom for everyone

A dog with all of the above skills can safely enjoy a world of freedom they couldn’t from a dysregulated, dysfunctional, insecure state of being.

Ready to live in harmony with your dog?

We know that the real shift happens at home between you and your dog, not us and your dog. If you’re ready to prioritize your happiness, let’s work together!

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