Your dog, with an off switch! Sounds like a dream, right!?

We've helped hundreds of dog owners at the end of their leash learn how to handle their dogs with ease. We're confident we can do the same for you.


"I was the owner who always had a pocket full of warm roast beef just praying she’d come back when I called! Now I feel in control no matter what the world throws at us. I know that she’s actually looking to me, not just looking for the roast beef in my pocket. Game changer!”

- Vanessa, Victoria BC


Extended Board and Train

This is a comprehensive training program designed to prevent, eliminate, or significantly reduce more serious problem behaviours such as anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, and overall bad manners.

It is also great for dogs with minor issues who would benefit from a foundation of basic obedience commands, general manners, and impulse control in the real world, including off leash reliability.

$3500 +gst CAD FOR 3 WEEKS

Pricing is based on a 3-week model. Pricing includes fitted prong and ecollar.

How does board and train work?

3-week Schedule

Your dog will live with a professional trainer for three weeks and will be immersed in a daily, around-the-clock training schedule.

Lifestyle Overhaul

Your dog will be introduced to structure, boundaries, and a calm state of mind, in addition to basic obedience training. The result is a complete lifestyle overhaul.

90-Day Aftercare

We will meet for a 2-hour in-home session where you will learn how to maintain your dog’s training. Our aftercare program also includes a home training guide.


Private Training Session

This 2-hour private session begins in your home where we will tackle common issues such as window/door barking, greeting guests, destructive behaviour, feeding time, and following owners room to room.

We will then address excitement at the front door, leash reactivity and socialization during a short neighbourhood walk, and return home to the post-walk management strategies.


Please note that serious behaviour issues require a full Board & Train and cannot be addressed in private sessions.

Kind Words from Clients


Virtual Owner/Trainer Coaching

During this 30 to 45 minute video call (usually via Instagram) we will chat about your current most challenging areas, your future training goals, and a game plan to get you on the path to achieving them!

This is a great option for people who live outside of Nelson BC, or who just need an extra boost of confidence to keep moving in the right direction.



"Angie's balanced style of dog training was something that finally worked. Meeting and working with her made it so we could finally enjoy our dog instead of stress. She’s impacted our lives so much that we’ve decided to adopt another dog and are working with her again."

- April & Amanda, Victoria BC