Primal to Porch Dog

I am going to empower YOU, to find harmony in your home and relationship with your do that you've always DREAMED of.


In our 4 weeks together, I will walk you through exactly how to communicate your expectations and boundaries effectively and humanely in your dog's first language so you can finally let go of the guilt and frustration, and start to enjoy the best of life with your dog!

In the course we will go over my Functional Obedience Method and the Ideology behind it, you will receive modules in both video and PDF format, AND I will give you simple actionable steps to proof my two favourite commands for impulse control. On top of that we will do weekly group coaching calls together for 4 weeks where I can help you troubleshoot, answer questions and help your strategize!

Want to get to know me and my methods a little better before you jump in?

The real help you've been looking for.

In the masterclass I will cover how you can:

  • Avoid the common mistakes that are keeping you confused and disempowered in your relationship with your dog!
  • Communicate effectively without endless treats, tools, or other crazy gimmicks!
  • Unlock the SECRET to getting your dog to look to you for guidance instead of acting on dangerous impulses!

The masterclass is available on demand, or you can choose a future time - I know you'll find some very valuable tips!