Functional obedience and dog training to shape calm, happy dogs.

We are made up of a small group of passionate dog lovers who strive to bridge the communication gap between dogs and people by building on structure, respect, and play. Sound like a good fit for you?

We offer a variety of programs to help pet dogs find a sense of calm and cooperation in order to thrive in relationships with their human families.

We know your struggle, and we know we can help you and your dog find the harmony you've been longing for in your home and your relationship together. We can't wait to walk beside you on a new path forward.

We love dogs, but our priority is always you, the human! We are passionate about bridging the communication gap between pet dogs and their humans by establishing mutual trust, respect, and a simple common language that can be applied wherever you and your pal venture.


How to Live With Your Dog

Get the e-book to learn our method for creating a relationship on trust with your pet dog.

Our Training Methods

Balanced Training

We use all four quadrants of operant conditioning. There is a fair reward for wanted behaviour and a fair correction for unwanted behaviour.

Training Tools

We use an array of training tools, including food, clickers, toys, affection, play, e-collars, prong collars, slip leads, energy, and movement.

Neutral Approach

Rewards and corrections are neutral & non-emotional, and balanced in energy and tone. Simply, information to your dog about behaviour and environment.

PLEASE ENSURE you feel comfortable with our training methods and ALL tools before contacting us for training services. We are always happy to explain why we believe this is the best approach to pet dog training.

Shake! Nice to meet you.

I’m Angie! I’ve been training dogs since 2005 and have been lucky to follow my passion all over the globe! From Police Service K9s in the Middle East and the Arctic Circle to the strays of Iraq and Chernobyl, and companion dogs just like yours, I have a wealth of experience to offer and remain dedicated to continuing education both in the dog industry and in my own personal evolution.


"Angie's balanced style of dog training was something that finally worked. Meeting and working with her made it so we could finally enjoy our dog instead of stress. She’s impacted our lives so much that we’ve decided to adopt another dog and are working with her again."

- April & Amanda, Victoria BC